Hub-Motor Dynamometer Test System

E-Bike Dynamometer Test System

Actual photos:

Hub motor dynamometer sysyem
Servo-motor used for load
Hub-Motor Dynamometer Test System
Hysteresis brake used for load
E-Bike Dynamometer Test system
Powder brake used for load
E-Motorcycle test system
E-Mototcycle test system
E-Scooter dynamometer test system
The complete system
EV’s Wheel Motor & Electric-Bike Motor & Electric-Motorcycle Motor Test System

	Hardwares 
	Load Part:
	Using AC servo-motor (Capacity according to the specification of customer’s motor) 
	Measurement Part:
	Torque meter: Kistler brand or Magtrol brand
There are also dual range torque meters for choice to increase the test range and reduce costs, Switching range by software operating.
Power Analyzer: Yokogawa brand WT1800 or WT333 or WT310
                                   Hioki brand PW6001 or PW3390 or PW3337 or PW3336B
	Low-Resistance meter: Hioki brand 3544-01
	Computer: Advantech Industrial Computer
	Test items:
	Simultaneously measuring each phase V, A and ΣW of input and output of the driver.
	Torque, Speed, Motor- Efficiency, Drive-Efficiency, Whole-Efficiency, Motor-housing Temperature Rising (Optional), Motor-coil Temperature Rising (Optional), Ld & Lq (Optional), Back Electromotive Force (Optional) ... and so on.
	Software functions:
	The electronic throttle control voltage of the motor can be provided by this test system
	Motor-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy and other functions
	Data-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy, Print and Feature Chart Printing and other functions
	T-N Characteristic-Curve test & Fixed-Point test & Manual test & Road simulation & Life test
	Data-File can be exported to Excel format files
	Test data can be displayed in 6 independent curves
	Characteristic-Curve can be used for comparison (5 curves of characteristics can draw on the same screen)