Micro Motor Dynamometer Test System

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Tiny motor Dynamometer test system
Tiny motor Dyno
Micro Motor Tester
With the unique application of Prony (winding) braking.
        It automatically obtains the T-N curves with high accuracy. 
	Advantages:
	Minimal moment of inertia of the tester
          By using the Prony method, the measurement is not affected at the inertia and the coupling loss 
of the test system .
	Wide Measuring Range
          Six modes of sensor, to select proper sensor and pulley, 
The measuring Range is from 0.1 to 400 mNm.
	Monitoring and analysis easier
Real-time display the testing results on the screen. 
Data can be converted to Excel file.
	High Speed
The Max. Speed up to 60,000rpm
	It is able to measure V/A/W & Eff. of Motor after adding the option, Power-Analyzer.