Hysteresis-Brake Dynamometer Test System


  • Activity Loads:
    • Hysteresis-Brake (From 1Nm to 48Nm according to customer specifications)

Test Items:

  1. Test Contents: Front and rear of the driver’s V, A, W, Torque, Speed, Motor efficiency, Driver efficiency, Overall efficiency &… And so on.
  2. Using a Duel-Range torque meter to increase the test range and reduce equipment investment costs. The range is switched by software, easy to use.
  3. Motor’s T-N curve (Characteristic curve).
  4. Automatic / Manual / Fix test (can be set in Speed or torque or output Watts… And so on).
  5. Automatic durable temperature test (measuring the motor case temperature, totalize 8 point).
  6. Automatic durable motor-coil temperature rising test (automatic measure the motor winding temperature).
  7. We can customize whatever you want.