Motor Torque Testing System ( Hysteresis or Eddy-current or Powder used for load)

Actual photos:

Hysteresis Dynomometer test system
Hysteresis Dyno
Powder Dynamometer test system
Powder Dyno
Eddy-current dynamometer test system
Eddy-Current Dyno
Magtrol Dynmometer test system
Magtrol Brand Dyno
Motor Torque test system

Compound Dyno

Motor test system
Hysteresis Dynamometer test system
Motor torque test
Motor dynamometer tester
Dynamometer test system
Dynamometer System (Use Hysteresis brake or Eddy-Current brake or Powder brake as load)
	Applicable Motor Type:
	 BLDC motor
	 AC / DC servo motor
	 Single / Three-phase induction motor
	 Single / Three-phase induction compressor motor
	 DC Brushless compressor motor

	Hardwares 
	Load Part:
	Using AC servo-motor (Capacity according to the specification of customer’s motor) 
	Power Feedback module (optional) 
	Measurement Part:
	Torque meter: Kistler brand or Magtrol brand
There are also dual range torque meters for choice to increase the test range and reduce costs.
Switching range by software operating.
Power Analyzer: Yokogawa brand WT1800 or WT333 or WT310
                                   Hioki brand PW6001 or PW3390 or PW3337 or PW3336B
	Low-Resistance meter: Hioki brand 3544-01
	Computer: Advantech Industrial Computer

	Test items:
	1 ψ Induction motor ==》Measuring V、A of Main-Line、Vice-Line、Capacitance, and ΣW 
	3 ψ Induction motor ==》Measuring each phase V, A and ΣW
	Simultaneously measuring each phase V, A and ΣW of input and output of the driver.
	Torque, Speed, Motor- Efficiency, Drive-Efficiency, Whole-Efficiency, Motor-housing Temperature Rising (Optional), Motor-coil Temperature Rising (Optional), Ld & Lq (Optional), Back Electromotive Force (Optional) ... and so on.
	Software functions:
	Motor-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy and other functions
	Data-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy, Print and Feature Chart Printing and other functions
	T-N Characteristic-Curve test & Fixed-Point test & Manual test
	Data-File can be exported to Excel format files
	Test data can be displayed in 6 independent curves
	Characteristic-Curve can be used for comparison (5 curves of characteristics can draw on the same screen)