EOL Magnetic Mapping Distribution Test System

Actual photos:

Dual-Axis System
Single-Axis System
Gauss Meter: F.W.Bell Brand. Use 1 set or 2 sets Gauss meter according to your needs.
Motor Device: DC Motor/Speed:19〜40rpm
Pneumatic jaws and pneumatic telescopic probe fixture
Computer: Industrial PC

Setting the parameters*¹ of the upper and lower limited & automatic alarms function
Magnetic-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy and other functions
Data-File management: Add, Edit, Delete, Quick Search, Copy, Print and other functions
Database: Searching by serial No., model, date, etc. It is convenient to review testing data.
Data can be exported to Excel format files
Barcode & Label printer (optional)
Barcode & QR-Code Scanner (optional)
Parameters * ¹: The angle between the X axis and the Y axis & 
The magnetic energy product (N pole & S pole) & The peak value (N pole & S pole)