Company Profile

Join-Precision Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The purpose is to provide customers the most cost-performance testing systems and equipment. Currently the products are mainly for the motor & magnetic aspects of performance testing, and developing customized measurement system for individual needs of customers.

To believe that in the full communication between each other, will be able to achieve accurate and appropriate purpose.


The main business items as follows:

Motor Test Equipment

  • 4 Quadrant Dynamometer Test System
  • Motor Torque Testing System (using Hysteresis or Eddy-current or Powder as brake)
  • E-Bike Dynamometer Test System
  • E-Scooter Motor Test System
  • Stepper Motor Torque Tester
  • Tiny Motor Dynamometer Test System
  • Stator Winding Tester
  • EOL Motor Test System

Magnetic Test System

  • Magnetic Mapping Distribution of Permanent Magnets
  • EOL Magnetic Mapping Distribution Test System