Ring Magnet on-line Inspection System

Ring Magnet on-line Inspection System

Ring magnet full inspection system 1-1
Ring magnet full inspection system 2-1


  1. Using two Gauss meter (Measure the vertical and horizontal magnetic field strength).
  2. Test conditions can be edited by the parameters, and stored on your computer for future calls.
  3. Upper and lower control, identification Go or NG and sound and light alarm display.
  4. Upper and lower control can be set as follows: vertical and horizontal of cross angle, peak area and the magnetic field.
  5. Specify the data format can be output as customers, such as EXCEL Stalls, TXT Stalls, CSV File, or other file format that software can be written.
  6. Measurement data can be stored in your computer’s hard disk, and later queries and analyses, storage number depending on the size of the hard disk determine.
  7. Measuring total points 15000 (Above + lateral).

Software features:

  1. Gauss meter data reading.
  2. Data calculation and determination of
  3. GO / NG Alert
  4. Parameters edit store
  5. View historical data
  6. Automated testing
  7. Manual test feature
  8. Report output / Print (Excel list by customer installation)
  9. The main screen as follows:
    1. Graph.
    2. Storage, loading parameters (Password).
    3. Displays the number of measure, number of bad, bad rates.
    4. Lateral maximum, minimum values are displayed.
    5. Displayed above the maximum and minimum values.
    6. Display maximum value, minimum value.
    7. Show judge “OK” Or “NG”.
    8. Stored measuring data for each.
    9. Storing work orders: Workpiece number of number, measurement, poor, poor rates.