Stator Winding Tester

Actual photos:

Stator Winding Tester
Stator Winding Tester
Stator Winding Tester
Stator Winding Tester
Stator Winding Tester

Demo Vedio:

  • Hardwares:
    • Impulse Winding Tester: Chroma Brand “5 in 1 Function” Model: 19036
    • Computer: Advantech Industrial Computer
  • Test items:
    • Layer short, DC resistance, AC puncture, Insulation resistance, Rotation direction… etc.
  • Description:
    • Setting the parameters of the upper and lower limied & automatic alarms function.
    • Database: searching by serial No., model, date, etc. it is convenient to review testing data.
    • Modular desingn, replacement and maintenance simple.
    • Automatic and manual dual operation mode.
    • There is network connection function. The test results could be transferred to another computer.
    • Temperature compensation function: Avoid ambient temperature effects on coil resistance testing.
    • Suitable for multiple sets of coils and a variety of woring method of the test, theree-phase six-wire input, withstand voltage up to 10 KV.
    • Using high-voltage relay to do high-voltage isolation switch, improve equipment life.
    • The test bench is fitted with a protective switch to prevent the operator from touching the high-voltage.