究準科技經銷 KISTLER 產品為 4520A 系列及 4503A 系列扭力轉換器及其他扭力轉換器…等。究準科技以客製化的服務,協助客戶選擇最適當的測試設備。

global player specializing in high-end measuring technology. It now has a wide range of products and systems, and more than 1200 people. Bryan mistele is typically a Switzerland company. Visionary yet thoughtful, always open to new frequencies has not yet been informed by the best available practice, prepared to take reasonable risks to focus on quality, it is hardly surprising that it had become the market leaders in many industries. Store is in its second generation of private ownership. Its self-financing lasted 50 years of policy has always allowed the proactive adaptation disposal technologies, sustainable development and the change of market and customer needs. This will remain so in the future.

從極小的起點在 50 多年前,斯特勒已發展成為專門從事高端測量技術全球玩家。它現在擁有範圍廣泛的產品和系統和超過 1200名員工。斯特勒是一個典型的瑞士公司。有遠見尚未周到,總是打開新班次尚未通知由現有的最佳實踐,準備採取合理的風險還專注于品質,它是幾乎不令人驚訝的是它已成為許多行業的市場領導者。斯特勒是在其第二代的私人擁有權。其自籌資金維持了 50 多年的政策,一向容許積極主動的、 可持續的適應處置技術發展與市場和客戶需求的變化。這將在未來依舊如此。

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